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Timmins in Northern Ontario

Why the location of a bachelor apartment in the town of Timmins?

A place filled with high-grade ore. The native place of our very popular singer Shania Twain. A town of 43,686 inhabitants without trafic jam and where everything seems nearby.

Our beautiful Gillies Lake is at only 10 minutes of walk of my apartment building. A wonderful natural environment attracted by migrators' birds and people from everywhere. A park with full amenities surrounded by a lake where you can enjoy your favorites acitivities and sports in any seasons.

Life in Timmins is healthy for the soul and the spirit. A welcoming environment and warm people. All the facilities are offered in French and English. I'm inviting you to visit the links' page of Timmins to enjoy the view of several nice places and services that Timmins offers.

Sincerely Nicole

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